October 14, 2019

The Power of Relationships

The basis of good business is strong personal relationships. The relationships that you build with vendors, with clients, with co-workers, and with employees provide the foundation on which your business will grow and flourish – we can say with confidence that the emphasis we have put on relationships and relationship building has been instrumental in our overall success.


Even when Synetek Solutions was a young business, we recognized the importance of relationships. When we first moved into our current location in Addison, Texas, one of the very first things we did was go up and down all 20 stories of the building to introduce ourselves to the other companies in the building and spread word of the services we provide. One of the sales representatives who was tasked with this left Synetek soon after, and his desk remained empty for several months after his departure. It was because of this that we went an unfortunate three months without realizing that one of the companies in the building had reached out to us to further discuss working with them as a Managed Service Provider.


When we eventually did discover this voicemail, we were hesitant to reach back out – it had already been three months. What if they had lost interest in working with us because we had not responded in a timely manner, or what if they had already become a client of a different MSP? After several discussions, we decided to take the leap and make the call. After all, the worst thing they could do was say “No.” However, when we made the call, we were pleased and surprised to find that they were, in fact, still looking, and were interested in arranging a meeting with us. We had our work cut out for us, though, as they were also meeting with an incredibly large, nationwide MSP.


Once the time came for us to present our case, we focused on what we thought was most important – and what we still consider to be most important: relationships. Synetek does not have a 1,000-person help desk. When our clients call Synetek for IT support, they can expect the IT professional on the other line to greet them with familiarity and respect, and because of this, they are able to forge relationships with our team. This fact is what we built our case on, and that fact is what won the company over and led to their decision to choose us as their MSP.


The power of relationships cannot be understated. People prefer to work with, and communicate with, people who they know and understand. It is because of this that relationships in the business world especially are so important. Clients will always prefer working with companies that can provide a personalized touch and, more importantly, consistency.

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